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We make the most of digital marketing!


We firmly believe in the power of properly developed strategies which lead to more effective and smoother marketing activities. We devise a consistent strategy and do our best to achieve maximum performance as shown by our stats and glowing testimonies from clients.

What makes us stand out are results-oriented digital campaigns billed on the basis of actual performance. We provide comprehensive solutions and operate to deliver and enjoy results.

We provide ongoing communication within all social media channels. We show that social media can be an efficient tool to build brand awareness and scale your business through online channels.

We focus on custom-made content for ongoing communication and effective online campaings on social media platforms like Facebook, Google and affiliate networks.

A well-configured web analytics translates into effective performance marketing. We prepare analytical panels so that we can measure, evaluate and analyze the quality of traffic supplied from many channels: Google Ads, social media, affiliate networks or newsletters.

Using affiliate networks will buzz up your brand and boost your sales. Together with our reliable partners, we are responsible for activities settled in the performance marketing that reach specific audience, outlined at the strategy development stage.

Based on the main features and analysis of your brand, we will build a strong and recognizable brand image that will remain in the minds of consumers for a long time. We will create a concept (big idea) and design unique graphic materials for both online and offline channels.

We provide full-service solutions for Influencer Marketing campaigns. We approach each project individually and carry it out comprehensively: from creating a brief and selecting influencers, through contacting them, creating contracts to systematic reporting.

We are pleased to share our knowledge and guide you so that you can manage your marketing activities on your own. As part of the workshop-like training, we will provide you with proven tactics and examples of the best solutions for your business.

We create an effective employer branding strategy for your organization and we will carry out ongoing activities in this area. Strategy allows you to control and positively change the dialogue surrounding your company to ensure higher talent acquisition and retention.

A digital marketing audit outlines all the marketing activities and efforts a brand undertakes on digital channels. We provide key information to help define or evaluate a digital marketing strategy as well as we can identify new opportunities for your brand.

We will help you create a brand image on TikTok not only based on current trends, but also by means of paid campaigns. Show your brand from a different side! Get your audience interested in your offer in an unconventional way using creative video materials.

Together with the University of Administration and Business in Gdynia (WSAiB Gdynia), we have created a postgraduate course for people who wish to develop the skills and knowledge they need to follow a career in social media. Students graduate this degree programme will know how to create and manage an entire Social Network. We curated this course to benefit those planning to work as a Social Media Manager.


Google Analytics 4 allows you to perform an in-depth data analysis and maintain its continuity. It lets you measure your advertising ROI, collect more detailed data and have more control over custom reporting. Google Analytics 4 is a powerful tool that comes equipped with new capabilities and it means you should switch to GA4 to be effective and efficient. Let’s welcome it together.

Let’s buzz up your brand!

If you are looking for support in digital marketing – contact us!

We provide you with flexible tools and solutions to help you develop in a competitive environment.